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Trump Hurls Insult at Obama..But the Tables Get Turned in Humiliating Fashion

Donald Trump’s latest immature attempt to insult President Obama spectacularly backfired.

On Christmas Day, Trump went on Twitter to declare that he would be getting “back to work” on Tuesday.

Rather than working, however, Trump has actually been golfing for three days straight, including on Thursday. He lied yet again to the American people, and is wasting time and taxpayer money.

As you may recall, Trump has repeatedly criticized President Obama for playing golf occasionally and even promised that he would not have time to play golf.

But, ridiculously, Trump has played golf almost 90 days in his first year, far more than President Obama. And he has spent way more taxpayer dollars than Obama ever did.

And that’s why a message found in a code on one of Trump’s websites seems extremely hypocritical.

Trump is so obsessed with whining about Obama playing golf that his websites have code that is supposed to reveal the following message when an internal service error occurs.

He also noted that the RNC apparently paid for it on all of Trump’s websites and also the GOP website.

Keep in mind, this took place while Trump was literally playing golf, so it makes him look even more like a complete jackass.
And coders got a good laugh out of it because the message wouldn’t even work because whoever wrote it did so incorrectly.

One would think Trump could hire someone who can write code that works. But he’s obviously too busy on the golf course.

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