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Report: Robert Mueller Going in for The Kill

Now that Donald Trump, his goons, and his Republican friends in Congress have all started viciously attacking Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the media has begun pushing a (still baseless) narrative that Trump is about to fire Mueller. Because this narrative has become so ubiquitous, observers on both sides have conditioned themselves to think that Mueller might back down in the hope of dodging the wrath of Trump and the GOP. Instead he’s doing the opposite.

Today we received just the latest proof that Mueller is ramping things up and going for the jugular. He’s targeting the Republican National Committee itself, along with Trump’s weird-looking son-in-law Jared Kushner and those who worked for the Trump campaign’s voter data team, according to a Yahoo News report. This explains why some in the Republican Party have begun trying to discredit him. It’s also just the latest omen this week of how aggressively Mueller is moving.

This weekend we learned that Mueller and the FBI have accessed Kushner’s foreign banking records. The sole reason for this would be to connect him financially with Russia, which would establish a motive for his series of secret and subsequently covered-up interactions with the Russians during the campaign and transition period. We also know that Mueller has all the emails sent and received by every person on the Trump transition team. This comes after we found out that Michael Flynn was constantly updating the transition team about the progress of his criminal antics with Russia.

If these pieces of the puzzle are all legitimate, they’ll add up to proving that most people in Donald Trump’s inner circle were complicit in the Trump-Russia conspiracy. All it’ll take is just one of these people to cut a plea deal and give evidence that Trump himself was involved as well, and that’s checkmate. Robert Mueller isn’t going to back down. He’s going for the jugular.

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