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Powerful GOP Official: Donald Trump’s Son-in-Law Kushner is a…(Expletive)

Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is facing difficulties on a number of fronts. He hired a criminal defense lawyer because he’s knee deep in the Russia scandal, and the lawyer then realized it was such a mess that she resigned. His finances are under investigation as part of that scandal. Even the Republican Party leadership has a low opinion of him.


That’s the scoop according to political insider Jon Cooper of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, who shared the following gem today: “Senior GOP source: ‘Jared’s a dick.’”. Cooper then said, “Yes, we all know that already. But it’s nice to get independent confirmation.” It’s not clear what exactly prompted the Republican leader to insult Jared Kushner. But in general Kushner has attracted dislike across the board for the manner in which he’s stolen power within Donald Trump’s White House, stepping on everyone’s toes within the administration in the process.


Kushner has likely used his unchecked power to run roughshod over the GOP leadership in private as well, as Trump continues to let him to do whatever he wants. Critics have condemned Kushner’s White House role as being both nepotism to despotism. Trump also inexplicably has his daughter Ivanka, who is Jared Kushner’s wife, working in the White House in a conspicuous but poorly defined role which has led to widespread denunciation.

Kushner’s broad base of power within the White House hasn’t led to him achieving anything important. But it’s becoming clear that he is pulling off something of a rare feat: he’s alienating everyone in his party , while simultaneously earning the wrath of the anti-Trump resistance.

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