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Mike Pence Just Threw Donald Trump ‘Under the Bus’

Throughout the investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, one of the crucial questions has been how Mike Pence would handle it, and what his fate would be with regard to his own place in the scandal. Pence seems to think the scandal will make him president. Some legal scholars think Pence will be impeached for it alongside Trump. Now we know where Pence truly stands: he’s been selling out Trump by cooperating with the Russia investigation for months.

Pence had his attorney ask for a meeting with Special Counsel Robert Mueller this summer, just to spell out how enthusiastic he was about cooperating with the investigation, according to a new Politico report. This meeting is coming to light now, and it’s not hard to see why Pence’s camp would have desired for it to remain a secret. Pence’s eagerness to cooperate with the investigation means that he is more than willing to help take Trump down. But there are still two possible scenarios here.

In the early months of the scandal, Mike Pence was seen lying to try to cover it up. At the time this suggested that he felt his best strategy was to try to help keep the scandal under wraps, which in turn meant that he had been far more involved in the scandal itself than anyone knew about. But something has since clearly changed. At some point in the summer, Pence appears to have changed his mind, and realized that his best move was to side with Mueller.

This does not mean that Mike Pence will end up becoming president once Donald Trump is impeached, or even that Pence will be off the hook legally. Depending on how deep of a role he may have played in Trump-Russia collusion in the campaign, he may simply be looking for leniency. Either way, Donald Trump knows Pence has been going behind his back with Mueller for several months, so things are about to get very ugly between them.

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