Trump in Panic Now That 4 More Cabinet Members on the Verge of Resigning -
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Trump in Panic Now That 4 More Cabinet Members on the Verge of Resigning

After he was caught screwing the taxpayers to the tune of around a million dollars in unnecessary private chartered flights, HHS Secretary Tom Price has quit. His resignation came in a Friday evening news flood, as Donald Trump and his administration tried to decrease the impact of the scandalous news. But three other Trump cabinet members are about to follow Price out the door.

Tom Price was left with no choice but to quit when it became clear that the media and the public weren’t going to just let his scandalous behavior fade away and be forgotten. Trump has also been pocketing taxpayer money in a number of strange ways, including charging Secret Service agents for golf cart rentals at his resorts, but those financial scandals haven’t yet made the public draw the line. However, Price made the mistake of committing a more well-established type of financial fraud, one which the public immediately understood to be evil, and refused to swallow. Trump’s problem is that multiple other members of his cabinet have been exposed as having committed the same financial fraud as Tom Price.

Donald Trump’s EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has also been caught unnecessarily taking an expensive private flight on the taxpayer dollar. Interior Ryan Zinke has done the same thing. Trump’s VA Secretary David Shuklin went to Wimbledon and took a river cruise on the taxpayer dollar. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin took a taxpayer funded flight to Fort Knox to view the eclipse. These are just the ones who have been caught so far.

With the mainstream American public having realized that Tom Price’s behavior was unacceptable and that he had to leaved, there is every reason to believe that the other four cabinet members who got caught doing similar behavior will also end up being forced out of their positions. Donald Trump has already lost more cabinet members to scandal in eight months (one) than President Obama lost in his entire eight years (zero). Trump is on the verge of losing four more.

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