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Mayor of Hurricane Ravaged Town Begs for Help as Trump Does Nothing!

The mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, sharply criticized the Trump administration’s efforts to aid the island in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, and gave an emotional plea to “anyone who can hear us to save us all.”

“I will do what I never thought I was going to do. I am begging, begging anyone who can hear us to save us from dying. If anybody out there is listening to us, we are dying, and you are killing us with the inefficiency,” Carmen Yulin Cruz pleaded on Friday.

Cruz’s plea comes as Puerto Ricans struggle to recover from the destructive impact of Maria, after the storm slammed into the island eleven days ago, leaving its millions of residents without power.

Aid has been slow to get to residents on the island, who are in increasingly dire need of water, food, and medicine.

The Trump administration has come under scrutiny from Puerto Ricans and lawmakers for not getting help to the U.S. territory quickly enough.

The U.S. Virgin Islands’ congressional delegate and the head Democrat on the House Oversight Committee on Friday requested an “emergency” oversight hearing on the disaster response.

“Urgent action by our Committee now could help accelerate the federal response to the devastation in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and make a measurable and significant difference in the lives of American families there,” Representative Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) and Delegate Stacey Plaskett (D-Virgin Islands) wrote in a joint letter.

The president rambled idiotically on Friday afternoon about how federal officials were doing a great job with relief efforts.

“We have done an incredible job, considering there’s absolutely nothing to work with,” Trump lied to reporters at the White House.

“And a very big question is, what are we going to do with the power plant? Because the power plant is totally wiped out,” he said. “There is nothing. The power grid is gone.”

Cruz made headlines earlier on Friday after she gave a sharp condemnation of acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke’s comments in which she referred to the federal government’s response to the devastation “a good news story.”

“Maybe from where she’s standing, it’s a good news story,” Cruz said. “When you’re drinking from a creek, it’s not a good news story. When you don’t have food for a baby, it’s not a good news story.”

She finished: “Damn it, this is not a good news story. This is a people-are-dying story.”

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