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Dan Rather Just Blasted Donald Trump With 2 words He Will Never Live Down

Known for his confident eloquence, Dan Rather has a knack for saying what millions upon millions of Americans are thinking. Once again the wise journalist has listened, watched, analyzed, and found the words to describe the scene that stars our incapable President and the hapless Republican party. This time, however, his tendency toward a more reserved writing style was replaced by a stark matter-of-fact assessment.

Just yesterday, as it grew ever more obvious that the Republicans were not going to find the unity required to repeal and replace Obama’s Affordable Care Act, Rather cut right to the chase. “Mr. Trump will be seen as a loser, and so will his new cheerleader Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.”

Rather points out that no president (especially Donald Trump) desires to be remembered as a loser president. Trump, however, is so fixated on this label (or avoiding it), that Rather called it the “very essence of his being.”

Pointing out the inadequacies of both Republican majorities in Congress, Rather slams the “party of NO” for not offering anything but hollow promises, and for their inability to produce effective governmental leadership. Understanding that we are now eating the “bitter fruit” of their Obama-era obstructionist policies, Rather believes we should get ready for things to get worse before they get better.

“Meanwhile, the specter of Russia is a shadow that grows ever darker over the White House. An isolated president in an isolated administration looking at public losses and dropping popularity will react in ways no one can predict.”

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