Trump Disciples Target Enemies with Massive Smear Campaign -
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Trump Disciples Target Enemies with Massive Smear Campaign

Supporters of President Trump have put together a list containing personal information on several thousand of people they think are either opposed to Trump or involved with left-wing “anti-fascist” or “antifa” groups.

The list, reported by BuzzFeed, has been sent around and added to on the internet since at least April. The list, which started on 4Chan’s controversial /Pol/ board as a loose collection of names, addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts of Trump critics, has since blossomed into an organized document spread across the internet.

The list has  been posted on text repository site Pastebin. Several versions of the list seem to have been removed either by moderators of /Pol/, a haven for white supremacist and anti-Semitic material, or by Pastebin.The list, which is still on Pastebin, seems to violate the company’s terms of use, which prevents users from posting email lists, hacked data and personal information. Different versions of the list are also being hosted on other domains by pro-Trump and far-right individuals.

Pastebin has not yet returned The Hill’s request for comment.

The list, which The Hill discovered and reviewed, is made up mostly of names and social media accounts. But the list also has precise details about some individuals, including their addresses, hobbies and occupations.

Portions of the list were gotten from names on a liberal petition that urged individuals to reject Trump and fascism. 4Chan users then collected names from the list of people who signed the petition.

In a thread associated with the list, 4Chan users talk about some preliminary plans for how to use the list, like finding recruiters or  a chain of command for ideas on how to disrupt the groups. It isn’t clear to what degree this is possible. Antifa groups, which are famous for their willingness to use violence to disrupt events they see as linked with white supremacism or fascism, is largely made up of loose regional and local nodes which are informally organized and usually independent of one another.

The document also includes the contact information of people the list creators believe are linked with ShareBlue, which is a liberal media site owned by liberal political activist David Brock. ShareBlue states that no writers or members of its editorial team are on the list.

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