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Just Released Evidence Shows that Donald Trump is Lying About His Wealth…It’s Much Worse Than He Says

Earlier this month it was reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller isn’t just going to destroy Donald Trump, he will to reveal his most humiliating secret: Trump is flat broke. Some offered criticism like asking how someone with assets in the billions could be broke. The answer is simple: if your debts are greater than your assets, and servicing your debt has caused you to be cash-poor, you’re broke. Now there’s even more anecdotal evidence of  how broke Trump is.

This summer it was revealed that Trump was using funds from his phony “2020 reelection campaign” to finance his son Don’s legal bills in the Trump-Russia scandal. This could have been written off as Trump simply being his typical scamming self. He sees his campaign fundraising as being his personal money, so of course he spent it on his own private interests. He’s also used his own charity as his piggy bank, while stealing money from his other son Eric’s charity. This doesn’t mean that he’s broke, just that he’s a criminal. But now it turns out he’s getting money from a different, and more eye popping, source.

Last night it was revealed that Trump has tricked the Republican National Committee into paying his legal bills. This is not easily pulled off. Trump has very little influence remaining over the Republican Party. But he’s so desperate for  another minor cash infusion to pay for his lawyers, he’s using up that last shred of remaining goodwill with the RNC. As usual, Trump is doing all of this for a relatively tiny amount of money. It’s for $230,000, which for a billionaire should be much easier to get.

What stands out here is the time and trouble which Donald Trump is going to, just so he can get small amounts of cash. He went to his own resorts every weekend just so he could scam the Secret Service to the tune of $60,000 in golf cart rentals and the like. That’s a lot of work for what should be equivalent to a dollar lying on the ground for a billionaire. That’s because he is not a billionaire. His properties are way over-mortgaged, he has hidden international debts, and a negative net worth. Donald Trump is literally broke. Eventually it’ll surface that the $1 million he supposedly donated to hurricane relief wasn’t really his money either. He simply does not have that kind of cash available.

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