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Evidence Shows Robert Mueller is Closing In on Mike Pence

We all know why Special Counsel Robert Mueller is pursuing information about Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey. Trump was attempting to sabotage the Russia investigation, and Mueller is building an invincible case proving that Trump committed obstruction of justice when he did so. Now Mueller is aggressively pursuing another firing, and this one feels like he’s zeroing in on Mike Pence.

Mueller is now looking for as much internal detail as possible about what led to Donald Trump’s ouster of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, ABC News reported. Most political pundits are pointing to this as yet another instance of Mueller attempting to nail Trump for obstruction. I believe there’s much more to it. If he’s looking to claim that Trump obstructed justice by firing Flynn, it results in a weaker case than trying to argue that Trump obstructed justice by sacking Comey. But there is one other reason to go after the Flynn firing.

House Democrats officially told Mike Pence during the transition period that Michael Flynn was being bribed by foreign governments. When it then came out in the earliest days of the administration that Flynn was secretly talking with the Russian government, Pence went on national television and lied through his teeth about what he knew. In other words, Pence went out of his way to cover up the Flynn scandal, even at the risk of exposing himself. This suggests that Pence was in on the Flynn scandal to start with, or else he wouldn’t have stuck his neck out during the cover up.

Robert Mueller’s decision to go after the firing of Michael Flynn feels less like trying to heap yet another ounce of dirt on Donald Trump’s head, and more like trying to dump dumping a gallon of dirt on Mike Pence’s head. If Mueller can expose the exact reason why Pence tried to cover for Flynn, he can get Pence for obstruction or worse.


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