Strange...Trump Appears to Not Recognize Melania When He Sees Her -
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Strange…Trump Appears to Not Recognize Melania When He Sees Her

Over the past few months, Donald Trump’s words and behavior have indicated that he’s suffering from worsening cognitive failures. He can’t finish a coherent sentence. He often gets confused and wanders off. Even his friends have begun publicly spreading conspiracy theories to try to explain away his deteriorating mental condition. Now it seems Trump may have even forgotten who his wife is.


Melania Trump introduced Trump during a public event today, while he was standing about seven feet from her. He then walked over to her and held out his hand for a handshake, which is a weird way to greet your spouse. She momentarily appeared to be thrown off by the fact that her husband was trying to shake her hand rather than embracing her. Watch the video of the bizarre incident below.


Some will say that perhaps their marriage is in such poor shape, they’re no longer willing to share something as intimate as a hug. But that idea would seem to be nullified by Melania’s confusion when Donald attempted to shake her hand; she was obviously expecting a different kind of embrace. Even when public figures are struggling in their marriages, they typically have the sense to fake it in public. Instead, this came across as Donald Trump simply forgetting that Melania was his wife, then reaching out shake her hand as if she were just another staffer introducing him. This fits perfectly into a larger recent pattern.


Donald Trump no longer makes even a bit of sense whenever he deviates from the teleprompter in his speeches. He’s wandered off during bill signings and press conferences. He wandered away from his motorcade. His “friends”, such as Roger Stone and Alex Jones, are now absurdly insisting that he’s being drugged, as they scramble to explain away what’s obviously wrong with him. And this time around he doesn’t even seemed to recognize his own wife.

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