Robert Mueller Will Not Only Destroy Trump, But Will Expose His Most Embarrassing Secret -
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Robert Mueller Will Not Only Destroy Trump, But Will Expose His Most Embarrassing Secret

The American people have waited with baited breath as special counsel Robert Mueller has slowly crept into the annals of Donald Trump’s private life.

In conducting this investigation, Mueller stands to reveal a lot more about Trump’s life and business than we’ve ever seen before, and new reports suggest that the findings of Mueller’s legal team may be more personal than previously expected.

Trump has fought tooth and nail to hinder the investigation into his campaign’s alleged collusion with the Russian government, but Trump may have more than legal issues to worry about.

The president has already had glimpses of his private life exposed via the Russia dossier which documented Trump’s scandalous behavior in a Moscow hotel, and he even went so far as to personally push former FBI Director James Comey to release a statement debunking the leaked records.

But there’s an even bigger secret that Trump would never want to see the light of day, something that strikes at the core of his image and reputation.

Trump has refused from the inception of his campaign to release his tax returns, and the reason is a lot simpler than anyone expected: The man is broke.

At the time, releasing his tax returns may have caused unwanted controversy during his presidential run, and as an American mogul he’s been audited enough times that he’d have been caught by now if he were cheating on his taxes.

As president, there’s no longer any viable reason to not release his tax returns – unless he’s simply trying to hide his net worth.

Numerous reports suggest that the president may have gone flat broke after the market crash in 2008.

In 2009, Trump bankrupted and began selling off his casino company, after which his personal donations to his own foundation dropped off completely. This is also when he began borrowing vast sums of money from foreign banks.

If Mueller reveals the president’s net worth, he may remove every last fragment of Trump’s persona, from his presidential legitimacy to his business savvy reputation to his illusion of wealth.

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