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CNN Gets Ultimate Revenge on Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s candidacy for president of the United States, while a disgrace to our political system, was a boon for the mainstream media. Anyone and everyone who could was airing the now-president’s speeches for their sheer ridiculousness because it drew in viewers, but now, things have gotten so out of hand that even a ratings boost isn’t worth exposing viewers to Trump’s rambling.

CNN, for example, has been notorious for airing some of Trump’s rally speeches in full, but the times have changed. Just yesterday CNN axed Trump’s meandering and incoherent speech in Missouri only moments after it began.

It’s still a mystery why Trump was even in Missouri. The trip was initially planned so that the president could set foot in Texas to show solidarity with the victims of Hurricane Harvey there – which he completely failed at – but then he stopped in Missouri to give a speech about tax reform.

And even then, Trump struggled to stay on-topic, as his speech wandered into a rant that saw him attack Missouri Sen. Clair McCaskill.

CNN managed to pull the plug only about five minutes into Trump’s rant to return to things that actually mattered, such as the thousands upon thousands of Texans who’d just lost their homes to one of the most expensive natural disasters this country has ever witnessed.

CNN was one of the chief profiteers of Trump’s presidency, and the ample airtime they gave Trump may even have contributed to his electoral victory.

Apparently, even for CNN the price is just too high, and following our forever newsworthy president just doesn’t bring the viewers the way it once did.

It used to be a spectacle, and it used to be entertaining. Now it’s just sad.

Taking away his air time is the ultimate weapon for CNN against Trump.

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