Republican Who Tried To Undercut Mueller Now Under Major Investigation -
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Republican Who Tried To Undercut Mueller Now Under Major Investigation

President Donald Trump’s support among the Republican Party’s leadership has always been a give and take: Given Trump’s unprecedented unpopularity, Republican lawmakers faced a decision of supporting the president or representing their constituents.

Now, however, those lawmakers could lose more than their constituents if they stand by Trump’s side – they could find themselves wrapped up in his collusion scandal, as has happened to Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis introduced a bill earlier this week aimed directly at special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, and now he may have found himself directly in Mueller’s crosshairs.

DeSantis’ bill would’ve installed a cut-off date for funding for Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia, essentially drawing a line in the sand to hopefully throw Mueller’s inquiry off track.

Now, however, DeSantis is under investigation by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump for obstructing justice by interfering with Mueller’s probe.

Would you risk federal investigation to help your president? Surely this turn of events will dissuade many Republican officials from investing too heavily in Trump’s defense lest they find themselves under investigation.

What’s more, political commentators say that DeSantis’ proposal is dead on arrival anyway. Such an amendment to the upcoming battle on federal spending would never pass the Senate even if it did pass the House.

It’s unclear how or why DeSantis came to propose something so brazenly protective of Trump, but perhaps the investigation into DeSantis’ motives will shed some light on why Republicans are putting their necks out for a president who would never do the same for them.

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