BOOM! Trump Just Felt The "Bern" As Sanders Shreds Him With This BRUTAL Warning! -
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BOOM! Trump Just Felt The “Bern” As Sanders Shreds Him With This BRUTAL Warning!

Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), former chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs released a statement on his website in response to President-elect Donald Trump’s consideration of privatizing the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Thankfully, someone who actually knows a thing or two about the department stepped up to smack down Trump before he jeopardizes our nation’s veterans.

From Bernie Sanders’ website:

“Privatizing the VA would be an insult to the more than 22 million veterans who risked their lives to defend our country and it would significantly lower the quality of health care they receive. Our goal, shared by The American Legion and other major veterans’ organizations, must be to improve the VA, not destroy it. When men and women put their lives on the line to defend us, the president must listen to them, not to the Koch brothers and their extreme right-wing, anti-government ideology. We will vigorously oppose any and all efforts to privatize the VA.”

“The president-elect should listen to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. ‘Politicians, pundits and politically-motivated organizations are using the national crisis in access to care at the Department of Veterans Affairs as justification to dismantle and privatize the VA health care system, with some even proposing that veterans be charged for their service-connected care. The VFW says no! Veterans must not stand idle as politicians who never served or use the VA health care system dictate when and where veterans can receive care.'”

The last thing that veterans need is to have their care managed by corporations. Really? How would that possibly make things better for the veteran? It would surely benefit the bottom line of a corporation, though.

What do you think? Should the Department of Veterans Affairs be privatized?


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