Back Channel Between Donald Trump and North Korea EXPOSED!...Recent Threats May All Be an Act -
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Back Channel Between Donald Trump and North Korea EXPOSED!…Recent Threats May All Be an Act

There’s very little doubt that Trump has been threatening ‘fire and fury’against North Korea a way to distract the American people from his escalating scandals and his unprecedented low approval ratings. The only question now is this….has Kim Jong-Un actually a part of the act?  A newly discovered line of communication between Trump and Kim points to the likelihood that this may indeed be a mutually beneficial drama played out by two tyrants.

In fact, the Associated Press just released a report that shows that a top U.S. diplomat has been a part of a below the radar diplomacy with the North Korean’s for “several months”, and that the back and forth discussions have gone on undisturbed all the while Trump and Kim’s publicly lob threats of war against at each other.

So now we have corroboration that Trump and Kim are not just heaving threats at each other for no reason.  No,  they’ve likely been talking behind the scenes all along.

The bottom line is that Trump and Kim ignoring each other’s public position and rhetoric. Instead, they are depending on that ‘under the radar’ line of communication for the REAl diplomacy. Now, doesn’;t that make it a lot easier for Trump to speak publicly to xenophobic and paranoid alt-right conservatives about blowing up a non-Christian foreign country?  And doesn’t it make it more enjoyable for Kim to lie to his people about blowing up the U.S. territory of Guam?

If all this is true, it does raise some serious questions.  For one, why would Kim Jong Un, even as crazy as he is, want to help Trump with anything?  Someone who has pushed for massive sanctions against North Korea? Only time will tell, but the reality is that Trump and Kim ARE speaking to each other privately, all while threatening each other with mass destruction.

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