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CNN Poll: Trump’s Base Eroding Because of Very Key Issue

It seems President Donald Trump’s base is finally giving way after a new CNN poll shows Americans increasingly supporting the Russia investigation against him.

The new poll conducted by SSRS shows that around 70 percent of Americans think Trump’s finances should be available for investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, showing a clear tendency among Americans to support the inquiry into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia.

CNN reported Friday that Mueller’s team had expanded their investigation to the president’s financial history with big-money Russian oligarchs – a move that could potentially see Trump in trouble for previously unseen financial crimes.

Trump said in an interview with The New York Times that he thought Mueller had crossed a “red line” when he began perusing Trump’s finances, but now it’s clear the overwhelming majority of Americans disagree with him.

The poll also showed that around 67 percent of Americans think Attorney General Jeff Sessions “did the right thing” when he recused himself from the investigation – another point that Trump has vehemently disagreed with.

Trump said he would never have hired Sessions if he knew he’d recuse himself from that investigation.

It’s not surprise then that 59 percent of respondents to the poll disapprove of the way Trump has conducted himself during the investigation.

These numbers are crystal clear evidence that even the president’s base is eroding at breakneck pace, making it only a matter of time before they turn on him completely.

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