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Trump Goes on Senile Rant…Blames Democrats for His Biggest Problem

Once again President Donald Trump has found himself with a foot in the mouth – this time in a rambling response to the Russia investigation that was sure to catch the eyes of federal investigators.

Trump played his usual cards of denial, denial, denial, but this time he spiced things up, shifting blame from himself to Democrats for the investigation into his campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia.

The rant came during a press conference meant to focus on Trump’s latest, extremely reckless and improvised comments to North Korea in which he promised “fire and fury” should the communist regime try any funny business. When one reporter asked about special counsel Robert Mueller, however, things got off topic.

“Are you passing notes to the special counsel?” the reporter asked.

“We’re working with him,” the president began. “I mean, we have a situation which is very unusual – everybody said there’s no collusion. If you look at the counsels that come in, we have a Senate hearing, we have judiciary, we have intelligence, and we have a House hearing.”

“And everybody walks out, even the enemies, and they said, ‘No, there is no collusion, there’s no collusion.’”

Trump’s rant took many turns after his initial bungled denial.

“They’re investigating something that never happened. There was no collusion between us and Russia,” he went on. “In fact, the opposite: Russia spent a lot of money on fighting me, and if you think about it, I want a strong military… Russia doesn’t like that.”

Then things got truly strange.

“Energy is a disaster – low energy prices is a disaster for Russia. Additionally, it seems that Russia spent a lot of money on that false report,” he said, failing to mention what report he was talking about. “And that was Russian money, and I think it was Democrat money, too. You could say that was collusion.”

Trump has never shied from blaming the Democrats for all of his and his party’s problems, but his logic here is going from misguided to downright senile.

Either way, the more Trump goes off-the-cuff about the investigation the closer he gets to impeachment.

Watch the full conference below:

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