House Speaker Paul Ryan BETRAYED His Party, Now GOPers Want To Fight Back -
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House Speaker Paul Ryan BETRAYED His Party, Now GOPers Want To Fight Back

House Speaker Paul Ryan used to be a popular face of the Republican Party, but unfortunately for him his experience under President Donald Trump’s administration is about to go from bad to worse.

Ryan’s predecessor John Boehner quit out of complete frustration with the alt-right trajectory of the Republican Party, forcing Ryan into the undesirable position as whipping boy of the GOP.

Even though the Republicans have had complete control of the federal government for the past six months, Ryan has zero legislative accomplishments of note.

Now it looks like the GOP is about to run into another wall, and Ryan almost certainly will take the fall for this one.

Come September Republicans in Congress will be forced to raise the country’s debt ceiling to avoid defaulting on the U.S.’s loans. Under former President Barack Obama, a number of Republicans pitched a fit and refused to raise the debt ceiling without drastic cuts to social safety net programs.

Guess who was among those Republicans holding our nation’s economy hostage in exchange for cutting aid to those in need?

Of course, now that Ryan is in a position of power and in desperate need of a win, he’s singing a very different tune.

In July, Ryan said that “the treasury secretary should be in charge of the debt limit,” eyeing Secretary Steve Mnuchin as a new fall guy. Now the Trump administration is demanding that Congress raise the debt limit without any stipulations – the exact proposal Ryan and his fellow Republicans fought tooth-and-nail under Obama.

Well at least with complete control the Republican Party should be able to pass the bill easily, right? Wrong, because the GOP is in complete disarry, and some of those same GOP lawmakers who held out under Obama are looking to do the same here – betrayed by Ryan, who completely flip-flopped.

Ryan’s approval numbers are already embarrassingly low, and September surely isn’t going to do him any favors.

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