Russia Spits In Trump’s Face, Conducts Air Force Flyovers On US Soil -
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Russia Spits In Trump’s Face, Conducts Air Force Flyovers On US Soil

President Donald Trump surely has enough on his plate right now, what with the threats of nuclear war against North Korea, a rapidly growing investigation into his financial corruption and a recent pre-dawn raid by the FBI on the home of his former campaign manager.

Too bad it seems Russia would like to throw itself back into the mix, as if we all would miss it in our headlines for a week.

A series of Russian Air Force jets conducted flyovers in various locations in the United States Wednesday evening, included three key government locations in Washington, D.C., and even the golf resort where the president is currently on vacation – again.

CNN initially reported on the incident, pointing out that based on a treaty that exists between the United States and Russia, the Russian military is technically totally allowed to conduct such flyovers, however inopportune the timing may be.

The Kremlin’s bold move to make its military might known in the United States – especially in such a brazen manner – couldn’t come at a worse time for Trump.

The president had just managed to push the Russia investigation out of the headlines with his highly inappropriate and childish remarks to North Korea, but if the FBI’s unannounced raid on the home of Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, is any indication, the whole Russia thing is well outside of the president’s control now.

Perhaps this is the message Russia is trying to send the American people: Trump doesn’t have control over what’s happening right now – Russia does. And Russian President Vladimir Putin seems intent on making his persistence known.

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