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White House Aide Stephen Miller Takes To FOX News To Praise Trump

Last Tuesday night, Donald Trump’s Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller showed up on Fox News for a session with Laura Ingraham, in place of Tucker Carlson. Miller has been a frequent FOX News guest, and has been filling in the gaps in White House communications functions since the departure of previous Trump White House staff members who handled media spokesman duties.

Miller assaulted the “fake news,” as Trump calls it, after Ingraham raised the poor numbers in Trump polling as per CNN’s most recent survey, intimating they weren’t right since they likewise had once projected Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 general election over Donald Trump. Of course, given the recent discoveries of previously unknown interference, it stands to reason that 2016 polls would be off by a few points.

> “The president got it wrong, and he’s been right, they have been wrong, but there is no doubt, there are segments of the extreme media, and I wouldn’t call it mainstream, it is extreme to want to have unlimited cheap migration. These are extreme positions. The extreme media is going to do whatever they can to tear down this president, but as long as the people stand for what they want and what they believe, we are going to keep winning.”

He wasn’t finished piling acclaim on the president. Following Ingraham’s cases that Trump was making advances with minorities, Miller clarified it was on the grounds that “President Trump is the most gifted politician of our time.”


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Stephen Miller has been criticized in the past for his abrasive manner and authoritarian attitude in being Donald Trump’s spokesperson. Miller was recently in the news for a dust-up with a reporter during a press briefing, where he hurled “cosmopolitan” as an insult. The publishers of *Cosmopolitan* magazine have not offered a comment.

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