Democrats Surprise in Winning Special Election for Congressional House Seat -
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Democrats Surprise in Winning Special Election for Congressional House Seat

In Iowa’s 82nd House District Trump fans must be sick of all the triumph, in light of the fact that yesterday, they took a startling loss in Tuesday’s special election. The inhabitants of House District 82 picked Phil Miller to be their new state congressman amid an extraordinary race Tuesday.

In the race to replace Representative Curt Hanson, who passed on last June, Republicans were thought to have the numbers on their side, considering Donald Trump won the district in November by an incredible 21% in the 2016 general election. Iowa, a traditional swing state and the traditional zero-ground for caucuses, has been flipping red in the past few elections. That optimism slid to crushing stop as Democrat Phil Miller vanquished his Republican adversary Travis Harris with more than half of the vote. Miller, a Democrat, got over 4K votes, as indicated by early counts from the Iowa Secretary of State’s office. Miller crushed his Republican rival, Travis Harris, who got just over 3K votes.

The newly elected Miller is a former veterinarian, which makes sense when you consider Iowa is an agricultural state. He also sits on the local school board. Iowa’s House District 82 covers parts of Davis, Van Buren and Jefferson regions. It’s a swing district, with over 6K Democrats, over 6K Republicans and almost 6K Independents.

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee tweeted:

The dumbfounding 26-point swing is quite recently the most recent sign that November 8, 2016 was not the start of a pattern of GOP favor but rather its peak. How rapidly our country recoups from the folly of that day will rely upon the ingenuity of concerned residents across the nation – it will rely upon every one of us.

For the time being, in any case, congrats to Representative-elect Phil Miller on a really amazing triumph!


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