It Turns Out Obamacare Can Never Be Repealed, Says Aetna CEO -
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It Turns Out Obamacare Can Never Be Repealed, Says Aetna CEO

The CEO of Aetna, a managed health care company, has had enough of this talk of repealing Obamacare. The CEO Mark Bertolini commented to CNBC’s Closing Bell that repealing the ACA simply is not doable.

“What we should do is fix it. So either everyone gets their heads together over in the Senate and the House and does the job that the American people needs them to do, and fix what we already have, or they should move on to something else. It’s really easy to fix this if they would just get over the politics of who is going to win the ’18 election.”

Bertolini also points out where president Donald Trump, whose static over the health care repeal effort has been legendary, makes no sense when he threatens to take away insurance company “bailouts,” noting that federal money received by insurance companies goes directly to providers to pay for member premiums.

Back in May, Bertolini predicted that the effort to repeal Obamacare would fall through, which marks him as more prescient than the president and the Senate who wasted an additional two months trying to do that anyway. The strategy he has held to is the same one proposed by Democrats: fix and shore up the shortfalls and problems in the Affordable Care Act, rather than just chucking the whole thing and starting over from scratch.

Since the Affordable Care Act was first signed into law by president Obama in 2010, it has been subject to seven years of near-continuous opposition, objection, and legal challenges by the Republican party. So far all of the attempts to get rid of it, as of this moment, have accomplished nothing.


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