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Four Million Bots Listen, Enthralled, to Donald Trump’s Tweets

While Trump is on vacation, you’d hardly notice. His thumbs have certainly been working hard tweeting away, only without the oversight of Chief of Staff John Kelly at the White House. Recently Trump sent this tweet out from his New Jersey enclave:

The thank-you was for Nicole Mincey, under the Twitter handle “protrump45.” This user sells Trump-branded merchandise, and the Daily Caller ran a profile on this person. This is a self-described African American female from Camden, NJ, who came from the working class and was motivated to vote for Trump because she was dissatisfied with Obama’s term.

But it’s a fake account. The real Nicole Mincey has had her identity and photo stolen by the unknown party running this Twitter bot, who has also set up the store selling #MAGA hats and has even had a fraudulent GoFundMe account started in their name. The creepy identity theft even extends to this mystery person giving radio interviews as her and claiming an Instagram page as Nicole Mincey’s “personal” site. The same entity was found out to have numerous other fake identities crafted or stolen in the same method.

The story keeps getting weirder. Another Twitter user found fifty fake accounts promoting the bot:

More fake Twitter accounts were pulled, each using generic minority and Millennial photos and identities swiped from the web at large. Many used a T-shirt model with a pro-GOP T-shirt swapped in. The site that runs the T-shirt model service has condemned this abuse of their service.

According to a Twitter Audit, only 55% of Donald Trump’s Twitter followers are attached to real people.


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