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Pence Now Under Scrutiny for Hiding Emails

Looks like Mike Pence is having a little email trouble of his own. While the Trump scandals devour every hour of available news, Mike Pence is following in the footsteps of Spiro Agnew, Nixon’s disgraced veep: He’s hiding behind the big scandals while quietly drowning in his own.

Mike Pence dragged his feet for six months before coughing up his AOL-hosted emails from his time as Indiana’s governor. Need we nag the point, Pence was handling official state business on a private email account, and on a platform pretty famous for its security issues at that, but it’s all about Clinton’s emails, right?

Anyway, it turns out there’s an email gap. Pence’s corporate lawyers are holding back some emails and claiming that they’re not official state business. How are these decisions being made? Uh, no comment.

The New York Times has sniffed out Pence’s “shadow campaign,” hoping to follow Trump’s reign – whenever that might happen! Officially it’s for 2020, and the donations are pouring in as candidates visit the state of Iowa. Half of this is maneuvering in case there’s a sudden power vacuum to fill, and the other half is Republicans gearing up to defeat Trump in his proposed second term.

But Mike Pence is leading the pack. Just last month he hosted a $5K-per-person fundraiser for his PAC. A Political Action Committee’s funds are free to use for his own campaigning later, or to sponsor or endorse another candidate. Pence can then claim, whoa, nobody’s running a campaign around here! That’s the beauty of a PAC, it’s a war-chest where you don’t have to declare what the funds are for!

Mike Pence thinks he’s sneaky, but everybody can see what he’s doing.


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