President Pushing Secret Service Away, as Russian Billionaire Arrives in New Jersey for Trump's Golf Vacation -
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President Pushing Secret Service Away, as Russian Billionaire Arrives in New Jersey for Trump’s Golf Vacation

President Trump seems to be increasingly pushing the Secret Service away. He’s recently banished them from their command post at Trump Tower, and then most recently during his golf vacation in New Jersey.  While in New Jersey, the Secret Services agents will be using remote drones to do their jobs. Now, when  a Russian billionaire’s private plane has landed in New Jersey on the same day Trump arrived in the state, his demeanor toward the Secret Service has led to the question….Is Trump pushing away the Secret Service because he wants to eliminate the possibility of witnesses?

Well, first there was the story from the Washington Post this past week regarding Donald Trump removing the Secret Service command center from Trump Tower and putting it into a trailer outside the building.  Trump spends no time at Trump Tower, so this initially felt like a rent dispute. And then a more relevant BBC article about the Secret Service being made to use drones during Trump’s golf vacation to ‘protect’ him remotely. It makes many wonder why is he wanting to keep the Secret Service at arms length, and particularly during his golf vacation.

Secondly, there came a discovery today that a private plane belonging to a Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, who has very close connections to Vladimir Putin, and whose spouse attended Trump’s inauguration this past January, just so happened to arrive in New Jersey. Abramovich’s jet arrived at Newark Airport within just a few hours of Trump’s personal arrival at that same New Jersey airport for his upcoming golf vacation. That leads to the burning question of whether Donald Trump is keeping the Secret Service at arms length because he wants to avoid agents witnessing his interactions with anyone who shows up at his golf resort during the course of his current vacation.

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