Trump’s Attacks On Immigrants Could Just Splash back On His Own Wife! -
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Trump’s Attacks On Immigrants Could Just Splash back On His Own Wife!

At a recent West Virginia rally, Trump made his usual trademark weak argument against the Russiagate investigation bearing down on him with this jaw-dropping remark:

“Are there any Russians here tonight, any Russians?” Well, as a matter of fact, Russians are a pretty mixed group of general Caucasian people, and in fact are chiefly Slavic. Thanks to political upheavals over the years, many Russians immigrated to other countries, with notable percentages in the United States and Canada. So don’t look now, but anybody reading this may have a Russian neighbor or two.

Such as Donald Trump’s own wife, Melania. Melania, (nee “Melanija Knavs”), was born inside the nation of former Yugoslavia, now known as Slovenia. She only became a permanent resident of the United States in 2001, obtaining citizenship in 2006. And now here she is the First Lady, married to the most hated US president in history.

Just like Melania, another Serbian woman was recently applying for US citizenship, and the Trump Justice Department deported her. Several Chief Justices have argued against the action, citing Trump’s notorious draconian immigration policies as being too oppressive.

The catch is that the same policy could be applied to Melania Trump. There’s been questions about Melania’s own modeling work and her truthfulness on disclosing her history on her Visa application forms. If Donald Trump had been president when Melania was attempting to jump through the hoops of US citizenship, she would have been deported – and perhaps been better off, because at least she wouldn’t be in this position:

Yeah, she’s hardly acting like the fairytale princess living the dream come true, is she?


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