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Federal Court Judge To Trump: Enforce Obama’s Executive Order….or ELSE!

It figures that Trump would be in favor of releasing more gas in the air. So Trump appointed Scott Pruitt, a rampant climate change denier, as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, which is like putting Trump in charge of… anything. Under Pruitt, the EPA tried to duck out of its commitment to enforce restrictions greenhouse gas emissions from the oil and gas industry.

But the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit just nixed that plan. The previous administration under Barrack Obama was the one who set the new guidelines, of course, so Trump is gunning to undo them.

We’re surprised Trump hasn’t recalled all the turkeys Obama pardoned every Thanksgiving to be slaughtered at this rate.

Earlier in the trial, dozens of experts in related fields showed up to testify, saying the Trump-led resistance to the established guidelines made no sense. We could also point out that Trump’s logic in leaving the Paris Agreement also makes no sense:

However, if you have big fat checks in your pocket from fossil fuel industries, it makes all the sense in the world. In Trump’s case, that check comes second hand from Vladimir Putin, who’s banking on fossil fuel industries to be the economic savior of Russia’s stagnant economy.

As one Twitter user dryly puts it:


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