Trump In Tearful Denial: 'Don’t Take My Precious Twitter!' -
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Trump In Tearful Denial: ‘Don’t Take My Precious Twitter!’

It’s interesting that nobody has yet raised the issue “social media addiction” in this conversation. The rest of us can pick up social media and use it, but also pay attention to other parts of our lives. Donald Trump seems to take his Twitter everywhere, never able to let it go.

Since the latest round of hirings-and-firings on the crazy Trump carousel, there’s been speculation that new Chief of Staff John Kelly would curtail Trump’s tweeting. Amid all the controversy, Trump snapped at the world from his phone again, defending his use of Twitter and vowing to tweet forever. In other words, “from my cold dead hands!”

It’s so interesting that he refers to Twitter as “Only way for me to get the truth out!” What’s wrong with a nice letter? A speech? A press conference? The president has the power to call a press conference whenever he wants. How did every other president “get the truth out” before Twitter? How about going on the radio for a nice cozy fireside chat, like Franklin D. Roosevelt?

And what truth, exactly, is so crucial? “Covfefe”?

After all, his “truth” gets out across the pond to gleeful video bloggers, who use it as grist for Top 10s:

There, every last one of those tweets were really, really crucial, weren’t they? Thank you, Donald, your tweet about somebody being “a totally overrated clown who speaks without knowing the facts” changed our outlook on the world. Frame it right up next to the Gettysburg Address!


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