Is Trump Suffering From Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Or Something Yet Undiscovered? -
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Is Trump Suffering From Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Or Something Yet Undiscovered?

The 25th Amendment gives the vice president, if undersigned by either the president’s cabinet or an act of Congress, to declare the president “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office” and replace him.

It has never been used so far. Two times where it was discussed were during Ronald Reagan’s term, both after his attempted assassination and towards the end of his term when it was suspected that he had Alzheimer’s.

We all to keep Trump’s mental health at the forefront of consideration. More than a few commentators have pointed out that Trump seems to exhibit the symptoms of dementia, beyond his other obvious mental issues:

We’re pretty sure the buck isn’t stopping there, either. Recently, we just wrote on how the  American Psychoanalytic Association cleared the way for mental health professionals to publicly offer their opinions on the president’s sanity.

And again, we have to point out that these opinions of Trump’s mental malady have nothing to do with partisan politics. Even if Donald Trump were a staunch Democrat, it would be plainly evident that this man just can’t keep it together. The chaotic state of the White House staff, with 16 people now fired or resigned as of this writing (shortest period of employment: 10 days for Anthony Scaramucci), is testament to that.

His rambling public appearances are also a classic indicator of a crumbling mind. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Trump uses a Boy Scout Jamboree as a Hitleresque rally or tells his troops at a battleship launching ceremony to take political action in uniform, or the way he treats every other public appearance as an opportunity to brag about how he won the election; maybe Trump just gets lost up there and forgets who he’s talking to and why?

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