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MORE White House Firings! Will They EVER End?

Hey, remember when Trump said he’d be good for jobs?

Turns out the jobs with the worst security are the ones in the White House! Geez, where to start?

Did we mention Reince Priebus got sacked? Yeah, at first when we heard him give nothing but glowing praise for Trump even after being sacked…

…we thought he was hoping to get his job back. Turns out he’s just a submissive boot-licking toady by nature. Trump once called him into his office to swat a fly! It figures Trump doesn’t even have the balls to stand up to a fly by himself.

Next on the block: Trump’s new National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster is reportedly on the verge of being fired. This comes after McMaster, himself, fired Derek Harvey from the National Security Council. There appears to be no reason for that; it’s speculated that McMaster was trying to save himself from being fired and replaced with CIA Director Mike Pompeo, whom Trump likes better just because he sucks more of Trump’s boot leather. Oh, and McMaster himself was brought in to replace fired Michael Flynn.

Oh, wait, this just in: Anthony Scaramucci has just been fired! Apparently it was at the recommendation of newly hired White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, who was brought in to replace Reince Priebus when he got fired, to fire Scaramucci. That’s a great record, Scary Moose! Hired July 21st, fired July 31st, TEN DAYS! During which time you missed your wife giving birth, who also filed for divorce.

Scaramucci was of course hired to replace the resigned Sean Spicer, who quit because hiring Scaramucci was the final straw for him. So far, this brings the total Trump cabinet firings and resignations to sixteen. Remember, Scott Dworkin just tweeted this weekend that many more White House staffers are expected to leave.

We’re going to post this now. But it’s Monday, and we still have the afternoon and evening to go through, so we’ll see if we have to update this.


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