Twitter Dumpster Fire: Trump Snaps And Rages At Press For Exposing His Secret -
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Twitter Dumpster Fire: Trump Snaps And Rages At Press For Exposing His Secret

Donald Trump LOSES IT On Twitter After “Sinister” Secret Meeting With Vladimir Putin Revealed, He’s Going BALLISTIC!

Sit down for some shocking news: Apparently, Donald Trump has some dislike for the media, just a tiny bit. Goodness, who would have known? Presidents don’t usually rage at the media. Obama never did, even at the height of the “birther” hoax. G.W. Bush didn’t, even towards the end when he was taking heat for the unpopular wars and crashing economy. Even Clinton, at the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, never uttered a word of complaint about our free press.

But if you stop and think about it, has a single week gone by in the past six months when Donald Trump has not criticized the media? Go figure. It’s almost as if there was something negative to say about his behavior. Such as a secret meeting with everyone’s favorite Kremlin Gremlin…

Wait… Did Trump just refer to Putin as his spouse?

The point is actually that here’s Trump under twenty kinds of investigation by now for collusion with Russia, and then he has an undisclosed meeting with Russia’s leader. And furthermore, Trump did without a US translator, relying on the Russian one whom Putin brought, so that the United States has NO OFFICIAL RECORD of what happened in that conversation!

“Does this seem normal to you?” Yeah, how many times do we have to ask this question during the Trump administration?

No, it’s not only not normal, it’s shocking, appalling, and unprecedented to have a president and his entire administration committing treason against the United States by selling it out to a hostile foreign country. When you already have Don Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Carter Page, Roger Stone, Mike Pence, and too many more names to list that have all been busted for sneaky dealings with Russians, then if Trump so much as waves to Putin from across the street, it’s suspicious!

Once again, we have to ask: If Trump has nothing to hide, then why is he so upset when we find out about anything?


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