Trumpcare Dies AGAIN, Republican Majority Worthless As An Inflatable Dartboard! -
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Trumpcare Dies AGAIN, Republican Majority Worthless As An Inflatable Dartboard!

Seven years, count ‘em, that’s how long they’ve had to work on this.

Yep, it failed again! The attempt to repeal / replace Obamacare has become a quest more grueling than Frodo and Sam taking the Ring to Mount Doom. Mitch McConnell snorted and grumbled something about just repealing Obamacare and worry about replacing it after 2018. That’s going to go over like a lead balloon, of course, since to do so would be career suicide for every Republican legislator at this point.

And if they can’t get a working solution now, their odds are going to be far worse after the midterm elections.

Trump, of course, blamed everybody on the planet but himself:

Yeah, that’s our Trump! Backstab his own party out of spite.

Remember, Trump promised Obamacare would be repealed and replaced “DAY ONE!” Here’s his campaign promise agenda aired six months ago:

But for that matter, Trump swore to accomplish a whole row of miracles on “Day One” which would have outdone a few Old Testament prophets. You have to wonder what he thought he’d do day two.

At this point, gutting Obamacare is a solution nobody, not even the Republican base, wants. Recent polls show 50% support Obamacare staying just as it is, while only 24% support Republicans meddling with it.

Maybe we should pass a new bit of legislation. We could call it the “Sunk Costs” bill: Whenever Republicans waste years of taxpayer time on useless legislation attempts that fail to effect anything, they forfeit their paychecks for that time period. Anybody else like that idea?


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