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Ann Coulter Throws a Fit….Delta Airlines Finally Speaks Out!

Ann Coulter, the Neocons’ own pet geisha, got bumped from her airline flight and threw a pissy hissy over it on social media. Twitter, which just loves a good tantrum, responded with the usual snark. Coulter really didn’t seem to have a problem so much with losing a seat as that it was given to – shocked gasp! – a DARK-SKINNED person!

One imagines Ann Coulter complaining to flight attendants with the stock phrase “Do you know who I am?” Yes, Ann, we know who you are, but when it comes to butts in seats, they all sit alike, you know?

WaPo shares a chuckle over the incident. We’d normally ignore this kind of story, but dear God, she went on for hours about this! Whining at her million followers about the same kind of incident that prompted her, during the United Airlines de-seating riot a while back, to claim the good doctor “should have been deported.”

Right, Ann. This is the world’s smallest violin, playing just for you. But the way she’s been whining at the Republican party and the Trump administration lately for just not stepping on the gas pedal hard enough in the drive to Fascism, she might soon alienate her only last friends. And then she’ll have nowhere to fly to.

Subsequently to Ann’s outburst, the airline could not remain silent any longer. Delta made an offer to reimburse Coulter , and then offered her some advice on how she might interact with other people in the future….something she may have benefited from years ago:

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