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Phil Donahue Just Described the Trump Era in Disturbing Terms

The joke among sci-fi geeks goes “This is the darkest timeline.”

But all kidding aside, Phil Donahue sums up the Trump administration as “This is the darkest political moment in American history.” The famed talk show host made the comment in an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

Full segment here:

Why is this no mere drama or hyperbole? We’ve had unpopular presidents before. Since the dawn of this century, America has been a country of sharp and bitter political divisions. We’ve even been through a major terrorist attack on our soil and a couple of wars. What’s different now?

The fact is, this isn’t just about Trump, or about the political direction of the country in general. The United States has entered a dark age of apathy and ignorance. Ironically, the very Information Age we thought would be the dawn of a new enlightenment has instead turned into a double-edge sword: People can tune out what they don’t want to hear and live in a bubble. People can cherry-pick their own reality, and the Internet becomes a mirror; it can reflect your own enlightenment or your own ignorance.

Tossed in with this is the loss of identity as a nation. Over and over from the younger generation, we have heard “It doesn’t matter who you vote for, they’re all the same, nothing changes.” And from their point of view, they’re right! If you tune out the news and keep your head down in your own problems, the world has changed very little. People don’t realize that Fascism doesn’t go off like an atom bomb; it sneaks up on you. Tanks are not rolling down your local neighborhood street right this minute; your credit card and TV set still work. This makes it easy to ignore the problem.

But the darkest aspect of the new Republican / Russian mandate is that there are, right now, a sizable percentage of Americans who even KNOW, for a fact, that Russia has basically taken over a piece of our government – and they’re fine with that! There are certainly members of the Trump family, administration, and Trump himself, who sold out America to a hostile foreign power! And they’re fine with that! Had this been the country it was when the American Revolution was fought, lynch mobs would have marched down Pennsylvania Avenue and hung everybody from lampposts by now. We would have borrowed a guillotine from the French and set it up in the town square.

Even the people aware of this treason are entirely too calm about it. Too many Americans are ready to simply throw America away. And that is how a Democracy dies.

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