Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Is Now The Official RECORD LOW! -
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Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Is Now The Official RECORD LOW!

Donald Trump can at least count on excelling in one area: As of the latest ABC-WaPo poll, Trump has officially become the president with the lowest approval rating at the six-months mark in 70 years of presidential polling.

Trump also breaks the record for the lowest average approval rating overall. The average approval rating for Trump (check this chart and sort by ‘approval average’ on the far right) has been 40.1% since taking office, beating out Nixon, GW Bush, Ford, and Truman at their very worst historic average rating.

The details tell even more:

  • 63% of Americans feel Trump, Jr.’s recently-revealed meeting with Russian spies was inappropriate.
  • 55% say Trump is not making significant progress on his agenda.
  • 48% think the United States’ role in world leadership is weakened by Trump.
  • A 2-to-1 margin of Americans prefer Obamacare to stay in place over Republican replacements.

All of which begs the question: How the hell did this guy win???

No matter how much you hate or love Trump, the deeper issue is that if an election was truly fair and elected someone, who then goes on to be the most hated president in 70 years, something is blindingly wrong with this system. Clinton, need we hammer the point, won the popular vote (48%-46%) but Trump scraped by on jerrymandered elector votes. Allegedly. Now factor in the known Russian influence over the election and it may turn out that almost nobody actually voted for Trump, jerrymandered or not.

Trump can blame bad press and the Russiagate scandal all he wants to, but the fact is that even Bill Clinton, besieged for years by the Monica Lewinsky scandal and ruthless right-wing media, managed to pull a 73% approval rating in December of 1998, even after the attempted impeachment! It goes to show, you can’t keep somebody down if they’re even reasonably capable at their job.


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