Donald Trump Throws Hissy At UK Prime Minister Like A SPOILED BRAT! -
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Donald Trump Throws Hissy At UK Prime Minister Like A SPOILED BRAT!

If anybody in the UK was looking forward to a visit from the president of the United States, they’re going to stay in suspense for a while. Trump has refused to appear in the UK unless the Prime Minister can prepare a “better reception.”

In the transcript of the conversation between Trump and UK Prime Minister Theresa May, Trump turned down an opportunity for an official state visit due to negative press in UK media directed at Trump, and stated that he won’t visit unless the UK Prime Minister can “fix it” for him.

Back up a minute. What is “fix it” supposed to mean? Is the United Kingdom, having enjoyed a long tradition of a free, inquisitive press, supposed to just keep jailing reporters until all the headlines carry ringing praise of our glorious leader? Should the UK turn to beheading protesters the way Saudi Arabia does? Next to the United States, Great Britain has one of the most robust press cultures in the world, dating back to John Stuart Mill’s philosophy in the late 1800‘s.

But let alone the press, British politicians detest Donald Trump on their own:

“You have a man who’s the president behaving like a petulant child!” And that’s just the introduction! One member of parliament after another stands up and shreds Trump with no restraint. Yeah, Donald Trump is going to have to work a lot harder before he warms this crowd. Earlier this month, Trump was planning to sneak into the UK with just 24 hours’ notice to prevent protesters from mobilizing against him. Thin skin much?

And refusing a visit until his criticism just magically goes away is just the opposite direction from the strategy he should be adopting. Typical for Donald Trump, he can find no situation so bad that he can’t make it worse.

Has there ever been an American leader so disgraced, so embarrassing for our country? We’d be hard-pressed to think of one. Just contemplating how eight years ago, Barrack Obama was welcomed and hailed around the globe, is enough to make one grieve for America’s fallen grace.


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