Trump Supporters Hurl VICIOUS Insults To Malia Obama And Force FOX To Close Comments -
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Trump Supporters Hurl VICIOUS Insults To Malia Obama And Force FOX To Close Comments

Racist commenters? On my FOX Lies feed? It’s more likely than you think! After news broke of former president Obama’s daughter Malia electing to attend Harvard University, FOX Lies readers brigaded the comments section with a slew of disgusting racial and sexual slurs against the innocent woman.

So much so that FOX had to do a little housecleaning. But bless someone’s fast fingers, we have screenshots to preserve the record.

Scrubbing their comment feed for hate-speech against a barely public figure isn’t the only housecleaning FOX has been doing. A Reddit reader recently caught FOX Lies scrubbing incriminating remarks from discussions of Donald Trump Jr.’s rendezvous with Russia, and took screenshots for proof.

It should come as no surprise that the FOX base attracts the bigoted element. It’s been pointed out that FOX harbors a toxic element. It kept up for eight years of Obama, rose to a crest during all of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and has stuck to the base camp of Trump since he took office. FOX has also been called the propaganda wing of the Trump administration, compared to Russia’s own Pravda.

Make no mistake: Sexism, racism, and assorted sundry bigotry has played a central role in American politics these past ten years. Throughout the Obama administration, Barrack Obama was even under attack by Donald Trump himself, leading the “birther” cult, which is still sticking around to this day. How soon we forget that the ranting madman yelling conspiracy theories all those years ago is now the Commander in Chief!

As long as Trump is in office and FOX is his propaganda arm, don’t expect social progress in the United States. We’re just relieved it hasn’t come all the way back to American apartheid by now.

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