Reebok STOMPS Trump For Sexist Remark With This Remarkable Tweet! -
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Reebok STOMPS Trump For Sexist Remark With This Remarkable Tweet!

Seriously, it’s come to this. A brand of shoes has to school our president on proper head-of-state etiquette. In response to the recent shock wave from Trump’s visit to France, during which he said of the French First Lady “…you’re in such good shape, beautiful,” Reebok has posted a handy guide to when it’s appropriate to say this to someone.

The tweet, preserved for reference here:

Of course, this is addressed to guys. You can tell from the phrase “action figure,” which is guy-speak for “doll.” When you play with your dolls in your dollhouse, and you’re a guy, that’s not a dollhouse. It’s an “action playset.” This is a *Star Wars* action playset, see, totally not a dollhouse, because you use it with action figures. And if you find one of those action figures in mint condition, it’s in good shape and beautiful. That applies to any gender the action figure has, of course, because plastic doesn’t have feelings.

While we’re at it, here’s some more fallout from Trump’s visit to France:

Stephen Colbert tosses it into his routine:

Trump’s version of a handshake:

Just so you know, Trump is awkward with guys, too. Donald Trump was apparently abandoned in the woods and raised by wolves, for all the awareness of civilization he shows. We’d sure like it if they quit sending Trump places, or better yet, send him somewhere and then don’t bring him back. We heard Trump thinks we should go to Mars, and at least on Mars, there are no women or men for Trump to offend. He wants to lead the way, right?


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