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Mike Pence Secretly Making Moves As If He’s Expecting To Become President. What Info Does He Have?

Mike Pence, the eyebrowless Mr. Freeze and current Vice President, apparently isn’t read up on his US political history. Pence has been wining and dining Washington elites, the same kind of people you court when you are about to launch a presidential campaign and need a few opening contributions. Pence has been directing money at his own PAC too.

Does Pence expect Trump to be going somewhere? Well, you’d have to blind not to see that Donald Trump’s future as president is shaky, to understate the matter with a deadpan face. Pence has been quietly tiptoeing in the background while scandal fireworks explode over Trump in the foreground. Every new leak that comes out about Russiagate, Pence is there to yell “Not me!”

Except, who is he kidding? Pence is in it up to his eyeballs right in the middle of Trump’s Russiagate collusion. He was part of Michael Flynn’s hiring and James Comey’s firing. He’s been Trump’s official right-hand man, doggedly following every step.

If Pence read his history, he’d know that Spiro Agnew didn’t get to take Nixon’s place after Nixon’s resignation. No, the same scandals that took Nixon out took Agnew with him, and House Minority Leader Gerald Ford was appointed to Agnew’s place before Nixon himself got the axe. This makes House Speaker Paul Ryan the more likely candidate to take Trump’s warm seat after Trump gets the inevitable boot. Ryan has kept himself much cleaner than Pence, and we’d better be happy with that because the line-up gets even uglier after that.

Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it, we know. But what they never tell you is that those who do know history are doomed to stand by helplessly while others repeat it anyway.


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