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Ronald Reagan’s Daughter SAVAGES The Trump Administration

How can you tell when you’ve failed as a Republican? When the daughter of your party’s dearest and most treasured icon denounces you as a travesty of everything her father stood for!

Patti Davis, the daughter of Ronald and Nancy Reagan, is an actress and the author of ten books. Her above-linked recent blog post “The Russians Are Coming” is worth a read in full, but this excerpt on Twitter caught the summary nicely:

While she is writing from a Conservative standpoint and hence might not score high points with the Liberal crowd (she’s talking about her dad during the McCarthy era, cringe cringe), there are nevertheless points there that every American from every party should be in agreement on:

  • That Trump has seriously weakened and undermined America’s strength.
  • That the Trump Administration has sold America out to its most constant adversary.
  • That Trump is an incompetent buffoon who does not know how to govern.
  • That Republicans within the party making excuses for Trump are either blind or willfully complicit.

As always, those with knowledge of history are flabbergasted at this turn of events. How is it that the Russians, whom Reagan once called “the evil empire,” became such tight cronies with Reagan’s party? And the partial answer to this question is that the Soviet Union fell and Russia became The Russian Federation, swinging as far to the right as it once did to the left. The rest of the answer is greed, corruption, and ego.

But it doesn’t matter what political flavor Russia has taken on. They are still the chief adversaries of the United States; their spy programs and infiltration operations stayed in place before and after the fall of the Soviet Union. The agents stay the same, they just get paid better. Russia is still bent on dominating a world empire, regardless if its ruled by a czar, a premier, or president.

No matter what party you are or what country you deal with, selling out your country to another is never anything less than Treason. We should all agree on that. Why aren’t we?


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