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Obama Gives a Lesson on HOW to Be a President! Makes a Very Important Secret Call

According to the Arizona Senator, Former President Obama contacted Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake quietly after the tragic shooting this past week at the GOP congressional baseball practice.

Flake relayed that Obama gave his “best wishes and prayers” for those suffering, according to Politico. Senator Flake was also one of the GOP members that was practicing in Alexandria, Va. the morning a gunman fired on the participants, wounding 5 people, including House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise.

“He went through this a couple of times,” Flake relayed to reporters. Obama actually went to Arizona with Senator  Flake back in 2011 in response to the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was badly wounded.

“This is particularly raw for those of us in Arizona,” Flake said, also saying that Obama requested that he tell Scalise that he had Scalise on his mind.

According to a source, Obama called Flake as a friend, and did not call any other congressman besides Flake.

The former president and Flake did not discuss the gun control issue, or any other policies, talking only about the Republican congressman’s condition after the shooting.

Obama is a great example of how a President should act in times of tragedy.  Instead, we have a man that jumps on Twitter and starts pointing the finger of blame at everyone in sight.

Thank you President Obama for your dignity under stress.

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