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HYPOCRITE Mitch McConnell is Doing Exactly What He Criticized Democrats for in 2009.

These are the words of Senator Mitch McConnell regarding health care legislation:

‘This massive piece of legislation, which seek to restructure 1/6th of our economy’

‘Is being written behind closed doors, without input from anyone’

‘In an effort to jam it past, not only the the Senate, but the American people.’

That was 2009!

Back in 2009, when the process was open and Republicans were welcomed at the table, this is what McConnell was complaining about during the crafting of Obamacare.

It looks like the hypocrite Republicans are guilty of exactly what they tried to blame the Democrats of, even though it wasn’t true. The GOP is  jamming their secret bill through.

Of course, the un-expected events, from a GOP perspective, will be that 23 million Americans will lose their health care. The wealthy few will be rewarded with a massive tax cut.

Watch the total and utter hypocrisy below:


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