Republican Lawmaker Makes Harsh Judgement About What Teachers Should Be Paid...He Should Have to Live Like That! -
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Republican Lawmaker Makes Harsh Judgement About What Teachers Should Be Paid…He Should Have to Live Like That!

The State of Arizona has slashed funding for public schools more than any other state. Yes, the truth is that they spend much more money on prisons than education.

Also, the ratio of students to teachers is nearly the worst in the country.  What’s worse is that Arizona’s teachers earn the lowest wages in the USA…and good teachers are leaving the state as a result!

But instead of attempting to correct the situation, Republicans in Arizona are instead making it easier to get a teacher certification. This will  do nothing for improving the pay for these hard working teachers.  In fact, it will flood the state with low skilled teachers, drive down demand for good teachers, and end up lowering the wages for all educators.

But the worst thing about this is that the Republicans in Arizona don’t seem to care how bad things are for teachers in the Cactus State.

When Arizona House Majority Leader, John Allen (R) was reminded that Arizona teachers have to get a second job to survive, he replied:

“They’re making it out that anyone who has a second job is struggling. That’s not why many people take a second job. They want to increase their lifestyles. They want to improve themselves. They want to buy a boat.”

Mr. Allen’s remarks clearly demonstrate the coldness of the Republican party, and how they are becoming more and more elitist in their policy making.

This kind of GOP thinking is rampant in many states, not just Arizona.  They must be held accountable!

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