McConnell Shows Contempt for March Of Dimes...Denies Request for Meeting to Discuss 'Trumpcare' -
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McConnell Shows Contempt for March Of Dimes…Denies Request for Meeting to Discuss ‘Trumpcare’

Mr. McConnell and his minions are cultivating an environment of distrust and contempt by maintaining the dark secrecy regarding Healthcare reform.  There will never be a spirit of cooperation and bipartisanship as long as this type of behavior continues on Capitol Hill.

The Senator needs to open the door to his office, and more importantly, open up the discussion and debate about healthcare reform to all interested parties.

So far Mr. McConnell is not listening…

From LAT


Major physician groups, hospitals, consumer advocates and organizations representing millions of patients with cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other serious illnesses have been pleading with Republican leaders for months to open up the process and listen to their concerns.

This week, a group of more than 15 patients groups — including the American Heart Assn., the March of Dimes, the American Lung Assn. and the American Diabetes Assn. — asked McConnell’s office to meet with them next week, proposing any time between Friday and June 22.

A representative from McConnell’s office told them staff schedules were too busy, according to representatives of several of the organizations.

McConnell spokesman Don Stewart said the majority leader’s schedule is full. “Numerous meetings are already booked well in advance,” he said.

Dick Woodruff, vice president of the American Cancer Society’s advocacy arm, said even when he and others have sat down with Republican congressional aides, it is often fruitless.

“The Senate staff generally don’t know anything,” Woodruff said. “There are so few people who understand what is going on that having meetings isn’t particularly productive. … This is such a closed process.”


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Americans  are learning that just because a politician ascends to the high office of Speaker or Majority Leader, it does not make him/her, a person of integrity or morals.  This is apparently the case with Majority Leader McConnell.

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