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BREAKING NEWS: Special Counsel Mueller SUBPOENAS Donald Trump’s Phone and Bank Records

It is  being reported this evening that Special Counsel Mueller had issued subpoenas for Trump’s  bank account and phone records, and different from his tax return issues, Trump cannot avoid turning these documents over because of “audits.” If he doesn’t obey the subpoena, he can go to jail!

Mueller was investigating Jared Kushner’s finances previously, as Trump’s son-in-law/advisor had many dealings with Russia. It is very possible that Kushner’s financial records led to Mueller looking into other members of the Trump family, especially the top dog. The investigation has proceeded from collusion with Russia, to include obstruction of justice, just as the Washington Post is reporting that Mueller is “looking at money laundering” from Trump’s closest people. These are likely “financial payoffs” from Russians, transacted “through offshore banking centers.”

All the while, rumors are circulating that Trump is looking into firing both Robert Mueller and Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein. Those threats by Trump will only give Mueller even more reason to investigate Trump’s actions.  B

With these subpoenas, Trump doesn’t have any other maneuvers to make. If he fails to turn the documents over, or  if he tries to fire Mueller and Rosenstein, his attorneys will not be able to show he isn’t obstructing justice.

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