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Just a Normal Graduation Ceremony….Until Joe Biden Did Something SHOCKING!

Vice President Joe Biden has gone viral, again.

As if Twitter needed another reason to swoon over the former Vice President of the United States, this time Biden is back on everyone’s twitter feed because of a kiss.

On Wednesday, Morgan State University graduate Brieana Carter (and someone else) placed the 6 second selfie video with Joe Biden at her recent graduation ceremony.

Biden flashes a smile for her camera, but then shockingly (to her) turns to give Brieana a tender kiss on the cheek. Totally surprised, Carter lets out a scream as the former VP meanders away.

Just before the photo op, Brieana was having problems with her phone, but got it to work just before the surprise moment.

Do you think anyone will ever be as pleasantly surprised if Donald Trump kisses them like that?  NOT!


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