Master of Propaganda Kellyanne Conway EVADES on Trump's Taxes! -
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Master of Propaganda Kellyanne Conway EVADES on Trump’s Taxes!

Chief Propogandist Kellyanne Conway Goes to the Airwaves to Spin the Trump Tax Story.

White House advisor Kellyanne Conway went on ABC News on Sunday and said that President Donald Trump would never release his tax returns to the public.  End of story?  No…not quite.

Conway went to the airwaves on Monday totally reversing course, saying Mr. Trump he would release his taxes soon after the IRS was finished with its audit.

The IRS audit is a tired old excuse, but even if it were valid, the IRS has no actual rule against Trump releasing his tax returns while they are under audit.

Check out the White House SPIN:

Would it be a good idea, since we can’t get Trump’s real tax returns, if someone would post a Trump “Alternative Tax Return” online. Kellyanne could then go on the Sunday shows and condemn “Alternative Facts”.

But seriously, is Trump going to break his promise to release his tax returns? That would be like promising workers to give them money if they did a job for him, then not giving them their money when the job is done. Crazy! Oh, wait…

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