Trump Begins the Process of DESTROYING the Environment with His Latest Executive Orders! -
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Trump Begins the Process of DESTROYING the Environment with His Latest Executive Orders!

President Trump proves everyday that he will not moderate, but continue his vindictive path to destroy President Obama’s positive advances in environmental policy.

President Trump used his ‘pen’ to sign several executive orders today. Executive orders that will revive the Dakota Access and Keystone XL oil pipelines. This is clearly another step in his misguided plan to try and erase president Barack Obama’s environmental progress.

Additionally, Mr. Trump signed an executive order that is intended to speed up environmental reviews of other infrastructure projects, as he said the existing process was “incredibly cumbersome, long, horrible permitting process……the regulatory process in this country has become a tangled-up mess.”

Well Mr. Trump, that’s so it would be somewhat more difficult to ruin the environment

Of course, from and economic, environmental, common good, jobs, climate change, eminent domain, and honest government points of view it is wrong to push KeystoneXL and DAPL.

Here are a few reasons why…

1. It locks us into years of more addiction and growth to fossil fuels.
2. It denies the call of every scientific organization in the world that studies man made climate change calling for urgency and to leave most in the ground.
3. It denies independent study like Cornell Univ. that pointed to more jobs in alternatives and efficiencies many years ago and now we even have more alternatives and efficiencies.
4. As part of the above independent studies it showed the ultimate robots only provide short term jobs with a handful of full time ones not paying as well as the longer lasting, better for the environment, full time ones waiting.
5. It ignores the massive number of spills and the increasingly harmful nature of spills as tar sands carry known cancer causing chemicals to make the viscosity enough to flow in the pipes that corrode more quickly and with leak detection very very iffy and not detecting small leaks that can go on indefinitly without signaling an alarm. It simply can’t be cleaned from runing water.
6. We have a growing need for water pipes and better methods of dealing with flooding and other needed ways to adapt to man made climate change.
7. With about 4 million premature deaths per year mostly from fossil fuel burnign the tar sands burns and extracts much more carbon intensive and while China is canceling more and more coal plants the last thing the people there need is the dirtiest of tar sands the industry plans to send them and will likely not find a market unless it more and more is subsidized and further cuts into the needed roll out of alternatives etc.
But instead….Say yes to carbon bombs dropped on others today and us tomorrow. Great?

At least trump and the alt-right crowd will be just as choked by the foul air, and just as poisoned by foul water as the rest of us. this kind of stuff destroys folks on an equal opportunity basis.

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