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Mike Pence Cancels PBS Interview, Goes Underground…Just After Comey Testimony Transcript Released

Apparently, V.P. Mike Pence was so upset by the release of Comey’s opening statements,  that he scrubbed an interview scheduled with PBS….then he went into hiding.

PBS made the following statement (2 parts) on the Pence bail…

It seems that the White house employed a media lockdown just after the statement was released.

The Trump Administration has been low-balling the weight of the Comey testimony thus far, but with the apparent disappearing act by V.P. Pence, it looks like they are attributing much more weight to Comey than they are letting on.  Pence just would NOT be caught in a live interview with an objective news source like PBS.  No softball questions there!

The Russia-Trump scandal is not going away with Trump.  Pence is just as involved, and he will also go down with this administration.

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